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Monday October 11th 2010, 5:42 am
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After reading quite a few of really boring blogs, I’ve started finding blogs I REALLY like. I really,  really  enjoy  reading Richard Byrne’s blog – Free Technology for Teachers. I especially liked this post – Worried About Students Being Off Task - watch this! The video is hilarious and thought provoking as well.

Another blogger that I really like is Diane Chan. She is a fellow librarian and I really relate with what she has to say. Luckily I have good administrators and do not have to deal with administrators and censorship.  Read the following blog post to get a better picture Let’s pretend this one didn’t happen please.

Encyclopedia of  Life – Species Quiz on Google Earth -This is so cool. I want to give this activity to some of my students – maybe Grade 4 and see where they take us. It is always fun and educational (for me at least) to give new stuff like this to students to play with.

If you like the idea of Power Points and students using it, but need ideas and guidelines on how to make Power Point presentations fun and not boring, than this is a must read for you -Power Point Repair Process.

After using my Google Reader on a regular basis ( I know cannot imagine my mornings without it – I am know reading it at 6:30 am and it is not even a work day -today is a holiday!  – and not metaphorically speaking) Anyway, after a few days of reading and finding different blogs, I came across a blog written by a guy I know. This awesome guy, Boris Velican who travels across the world to all this great destinations and than writes about his experiences. On his last travel adventure he went to Sahara – by HIMSELF – ON FOOT.  And trust me  – his posts are fun and so honest. The only catch is that it is written in Croatian -Pjesice od Zagreba do Sahare.

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Ana – you are really zooming with this class. Yahoo – reading blogs on the day off. Now how about some collaboration – Species Quiz with fourth grade – I am teaching them habitats and ecology – we will explore specific animals and plants of habitats we are studying. Wanna use some of 4th grade science time to do the quiz? I know I do after checking it out.

By the way, your links are working well and your colors are nice. Be careful with consistency and not having too much color – I have this issue as well in both my edublog and my personal blog. Too much color can be distracting. But overall your posts are easy to read, understand and get your point!

Let me know about 4th grade – and I am glad you have found people out there just like you! Yay 23 Things!

   Dani on 10.11.10 @ 6:38 pm    

Hey Dani,

Thanks for your feedback – I really appreciate it. You are definitely right about the colors – I need to be careful not to get carried away. :)
It makes more sense for you to use the quiz in science class – let me know how it works out. :)

   anagrubac on 10.12.10 @ 6:48 am    

Hey Ana,
THanks for sharing your findings as well as dropping a note about your cool administrators not banning books…we only burn them!!
I couldn’t get the video link to work, but I will try again later. Thanks

   bstousland on 10.13.10 @ 7:49 pm    

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